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Real Film Explainer Videos: Engage Your Audience

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What Makes a Great Explainer Video?

A great explainer video grabs people’s attention and gets your point across effectively. To make a video that really shines, follow these guidelines:

  1. Keep it brief: Make a video that’s short yet powerful, lasting only a minute or two. This way, you won’t lose your audience’s focus. A short video gets your message out clearly and quickly.
  2. Present a solution: Show how your product or service can help by fixing a problem. Your video should discuss the positive impacts and benefits, convincing viewers that your offer is worth it.
  3. Have a strong CTA: Tell your viewers what steps to take next by using a bold CTA. This could be signing up, learning more, or buying something. The CTA guides viewers to take action.
  4. Be thorough in your explanation: Clearly state what your product does, how it works, and why it’s the top choice. Covering the main points gives your audience a full picture of what you’re offering.
  5. Focus on quality: Your video’s look, sound, and voiceover matter a lot. Clear visuals, quality audio, and an engaging voice build a professional and trustworthy video.

A winning explainer video includes all these factors, making it interesting, useful, and persuasive. By sticking to these hints, you can make a top-notch explainer video that gets your message out there and boosts your brand.

Check out this example of a great explainer video:

“Our product, XYZ, boosts your workflow’s efficiency and productivity. Ditch old, slow methods; try out XYZ for a game-changer!”

Comparison of Different Explainer Video Types

Type of Explainer Video Features Best Use Case
Animated Explainer Videos 2D or 3D graphics, visually engaging Explaining complex concepts, storytelling
Live-Action Explainer Videos Real people and settings, personal touch Building trust, showcasing product features
Whiteboard Explainer Videos Hand-drawn illustrations on a whiteboard Simplifying complex ideas, step-by-step tutorials
Motion Graphics Explainer Videos Dynamic graphics and text, modern look Data visualization, storytelling
Screencast Explainer Videos Capturing computer screens, software demos Demonstrating software or application usage

Popular Types of Explainer Videos (with Examples)

Explainer videos come in many types, each with a special style and purpose. Animated explainer videos use 2D or 3D designs to share a story. They are interesting and can grab your attention. For instance, you should see XYZ Company’s video about their new product. It’s really well done.

Live-action explainer videos show real people and places. This makes a connection with the audience. Case in point, watch ABC Corporation’s video discussing their green efforts. It’s a good example of what these videos can do.

Whiteboard explainer videos draw on a whiteboard to explain complex things. These are easy to understand. PQR Agency made a video to share their marketing strategy. It’s a great use of this style.

Motion graphics explainer videos present information with cool graphics and moving text. This style is perfect for data and stories. Watch Company XYZ’s video about their app to see it in action.

Finally, screencast explainer videos show computer screens to explain software. DEF Software has a video demonstrating their new software’s features. It’s an informative example in this category.

The cost of explainer videos changes based on quality and complexity. Animated explainer videos are usually cheaper than live-action ones. Yet, both can be quite expensive. You can save money by making your own or using online tools. The key is to choose what works best for your brand and budget. This way, you can tell your story well and reach your audience effectively.


What are real film explainer videos?

Real film explainer videos are short clips that tell stories with high-quality visuals. They are made to share a strong message with your viewers. These videos work well because they catch people’s attention easily.

How do I create an awesome explainer video?

You need to focus on a few key things to make your explainer video great. First, make sure it’s short and clear. Then, show how your product solves a problem. Don’t forget to tell people what to do next. Lastly, it must look good.

What are the popular types of explainer videos?

There are many types of explainer videos out there. You’ve got animated ones, live-action scenes, whiteboard graphics, and even videos showing screens. Each type is used for different reasons and has its unique style.

How much do explainer videos cost?

The price of making an explainer video can change a lot. This happens because of how detailed and the quality of the video, among other things. Normally, animated videos cost less than live-action. For a professional-looking video, you could pay a lot, like thousands of dollars. However, you can find cheaper options too, like doing it yourself or using online tools.

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