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Understanding Motion Graphics: Trends & Tips

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Motion graphic design brings static designs to life through motion. It’s a form of animation that enhances the look and feel of websites and app interfaces. By weaving motion into designs, motion designers make navigating UIs easier and create more engaging experiences. To master this field, one needs to keep up with the latest trends and follow expert tips.

Key Takeaways:

  • Motion graphic design involves adding movement to graphic design elements.
  • Motion graphics enhance user experiences and make user interfaces easier to navigate.
  • Following tips and trends can help you excel in motion graphic design.
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Tips for Creating Quality Motion Graphics

When diving into motion design, mastering quality motion graphics needs a blend of skill, creativity, and know-how. Whether you’re just getting started or want to amp up your designs, these tips will be key. They’ll help you take your motion graphic work to the next level.

  1. Go for Quantity Over Quality

Starting in motion design, it’s tempting to aim for perfect. Yet, this can slow you down. It’s better to aim for lots of work over making everything flawless. By tackling many projects, you’ll face various issues and learn a lot. Remember, getting better takes practice!

Let’s explain this more using a painting analogy. An artist doesn’t become a pro by only painting one masterpiece. They work on many pieces to refine their skills. Likewise, as you work on more motion graphics, you grow and find your unique style.

Not every project will be outstanding, but each one adds to your development. So, learn from every piece of work. With time and effort, you’ll start to see big improvements in what you create.

Remember, motion design is a journey. There’s always room to grow, but the key is to keep learning and getting better.

Tips for Creating Quality Motion Graphics
Go for Quantity Over Quality

Trends in Motion Graphics

Staying updated with the latest in motion design is key to making eye-catching graphics. We’ll look at top trends that rule the industry.

Liquid Motion

Liquid motion is a big trend now. It makes designs move like water, with ripples and waves. This adds a cool, fluid feel to animations.

When you use liquid motion, graphics feel more alive. It not only looks great but also makes users keep watching.

It works well in websites, apps, and videos, making them more memorable.

2D and 3D Combination

2D and 3D mix to create amazing motion graphics. They combine the best of flat and three-dimensional worlds.

This mix adds a unique feel to animations. It blends flat and deep layers for cool visuals. This makes designs pop and grab attention.

It helps make animations appear real, improving how users see and enjoy designs.

Kinetic Typography

Turning text into moving art is what kinetic typography does best. Text syncs with sound or visuals to tell stories better.

Moving text makes messages more fun and clear. It keeps the viewer’s eye on the screen longer.

It’s great for ads, banners, and sharing on social media. Adding moving text makes designs more interesting and memorable.

Animated Logos

Animated logos are a must for brands now. They make brands more lively and stick in people’s minds.

Bringing a logo to life tells a lot about a brand. It can be as simple as a subtle move or a fun, complex animation.

They can be used almost anywhere, making brands instantly recognizable.

3D Design

3D design is changing the game in motion graphics. It creates stunning, immersive animations.

With 3D, animations gain depth and detail. It lets designers craft environments and characters that really pop.

It’s great for showing off architecture, games, or products. 3D adds a wow factor to motion graphics.

Trend Description
Liquid Motion Incorporating water-like movements, such as ripples and waves, into motion graphics for a dynamic visual effect.
2D and 3D Combination Blending the strengths of two-dimensional and three-dimensional design to create visually striking and multidimensional animations.
Kinetic Typography Animating text in sync with audio or visual elements to convey a message effectively.
Animated Logos Animating brand logos to create a memorable and engaging visual identity.
3D Design Incorporating three-dimensional elements into motion graphics for more depth, realism, and visual appeal.

Tools for Creating Motion Graphics

When working on motion design, the tools you use matter a lot. Luckily, there are many online animation platforms to pick from. They meet various skill levels and design needs. One favorite platform is SVGator.

SVGator is easy to use and does not require much coding knowledge. It lets you make professional motion graphics with a few clicks. That’s pretty cool, right?

SVGator shines because it offers many animation options. You can add features like easing, offset and delay, parenting, and transformation. These features help you make animations that really grab people’s attention.

Linearity Move is another great animation tool available online. It’s perfect for creating sleek, seamless animations. With Linearity Move, you can do anything from animated logos to interactive website designs. It’s a must-see for anyone working in motion design.


What is motion graphic design?

Motion graphic design is about adding movement to designs. This makes a webpage or app look better. It’s like adding a touch of magic that catches your eye.

How does motion graphic design benefit user experiences?

It makes using a webpage or an app more fun and easy. Motion graphic designs guide us while keeping us interested. They blend movement with our daily digital activities.

What is the recommended approach for beginners in motion graphic design?

For newbies, making lots of projects is key. Don’t stress over each project’s perfection. Trying different things teaches you more. You learn new skills each time.

What is the liquid motion trend in motion graphic design?

Imagine designs flowing like water on your screen. This is what the liquid motion trend does. Ripples and waves bring digital designs to life, making them exciting to watch.

What is SVGator?

SVGator is an online tool for creating animations. It’s easy to use and makes animations look pro. Features like easing and transformations help bring your designs alive.

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